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Dream a bunch of friends...

Dream a bunch of friends... by Rafa Toro
Dream a bunch of friends..., a photo by Rafa Toro on Flickr.

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Awesome film, and great character played fatefully by the late William Finley

Death of SkekSo, the Emperor.

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"The Dark Crystal" was the first movie I saw in a cinema at tender age 5.
This particular scene terrified me so much that I couldn't help but ask my cousin to take me to watch it again the following day.
My first anaglyph illustration.


The last Zemeckis worthy film.

Happy Scary Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween 2011 by Rafa Toro
Happy Halloween 2011, a photo by Rafa Toro on Flickr.

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My Niece and nephews as Shock, Lock & Barrel from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Nostalgia Chanante

I made these just for fun back in 2005.
Miss that show!


One of Chester Gould´s gruesomes.


Cathaway by Rafa Toro
Cathaway, a photo by Rafa Toro on Flickr.

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Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

My Parents

My Parents by Rafa Toro
My Parents, a photo by Rafa Toro on Flickr.

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Ma & Pa arguing.

Nolan´s "Bane"

Nolan´s "Bane" by Rafa Toro
Nolan´s "Bane", a photo by Rafa Toro on Flickr.

Tom Hardy as "Bane" in the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises"

Labyrinth 25th Anniversary

One of my favourite movies ever...
and here´s a version with text!

"Her Serene Highness the Arch Duchess Ana-Pest"

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"This delicate little creature, in the trembling of her wasted fingers, in the livid hue of her lips, and in the slight hectic spot which tinged her otherwise leaden complexion, gave evident indications of a galloping consumption. [...] ...a soft smile played about her mouth; but her nose, extremely long, thin, sinuous, flexible and pimpled, hung down far below her under lip, and in spite of the delicate manner in which she now and then moved it to one side or the other with her tongue, gave to her countenance a somewhat equivocal expression."

from Edgar Allan Poe´s "The Pest King"

Pencil & watercolor.

Mona Demarkov

One of the best movie villians ever!
From the film "Romeo is Bleeding"

"Forsaken Cowboy"

My entry for the Röyksopp music-video contest on Genero.TV